The idea of “Family Ministry” is a new endeavor at Petal-Harvey Baptist Church, but family ministry is not a new concept. The Lord ordained two institutions to raise up future generations knowing and loving the Lord. The two institutions are the church & the family.
What We Do:
We will work with families to develop children who know and love the Lord. Reggie Joiner defines family ministry as “an effort to synchronize church leaders and parents around a master plan to build faith and character in their sons and daughters.” A family ministry should develop the process that drives how the church and the home combine their efforts to influence the next generation.
3 Vital Ideas for Family Ministry:
  1. Kids need parents who will help them advance in their relationships with God. (No one has more potential to influence and monitor a child’s relationship with God than parents!)
  2. Parents need churches that will help them know how to be spiritual leaders. (Maybe the greatest gift a church can give parents is the confidence and courage to do what God has wired them to do!)
  3. Churches need leaders to do less for kids and more for families. (Church leaders have a limited amount of influence on children. Parents have lifelong influence!)